The Company

Remit Software is a Software as a Service technology service provider offering industry leading Point of Sale Service, including money transaction, lottery, and bill pay solutions. Our solution delivers a secure, scalable, and resilient platform that will transform your business into a robust remittance, lottery, and bill payment operation that can scale globally and integrate into our global ecosystem of partners.

Remit Software is an industry leader in the Remittance & complex finance systems industry with over 20 years of experience in the market. We deliver a customizable and tailored enterprise grade transaction solution to our clients. Our SaaS platform is on a global infrastructure design with optimal performance, redundancy, security, and scale without boundaries.

Our solution is plug and play, anytime, to any device, at any location around the world with a simple web browser or mobile application supported device.

Our Leadership Team

Shimon (Siki) Warager

Founder and CEO

Johnny Cabrera


Sean Aviv

Chief Technology Officer

Hector M. Evertz

Executive Director

Franquiz A. Caraballo M.

General Manager

Dr. Jaime E. Farias Mere

Legal Counsel

Gahdi Haus

Network & Infrastructure Engineering Lead

Ariel Dov

VP of Service Delivery

Nikola Pecencic

User Experience (UX) Director

Jennifer Martinez

Operations Manager

Shay Smolevithe

Technical Support Lead

Raul Smolevithe

Local Consultant