System Overview

High Level System Functions

  • Complete Remittance System
  • Send & Receive Cash Transactions
  • Send & Receive Debit/Credit/Prepaid card/Check Transactions
  • Bank Transactions
  • Money Laudering Detection System
  • Robust Lottery Solutions
  • Live Lottery Draw Systems
  • Automated Game Creation System
  • Risk Management System
  • Flexible Results Input Options
  • Sales & Financial Reports
  • Settlements & Accounting Systems
  • User Prepaid Accounts (eWallet System)
  • Bill & Invoice Payments
  • Custom Transactions (Customer defined)
  • Real Time Enhanced Reporting and Controls
  • Cash Delivery & Pickup System
  • Secure Global USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Enabled. This Communication technology enables user text/SMS based Money Transfer Operations. (No Internet / Smartphone requirement). 


Administrator Functions

  • Enhanced Dashboard (Financial and Data Summary)
  • Compliance and Alerts (Risk Management System)
  • Data Management System (Control Stores, rights, Currencies, Countries, etc.)
  • Risk Management System (Lottery Alerts)
  • System Management System (System, Transaction, & Sales Analytics)
  • User Management System (User Access and rights management)
  • Real Time System Reports
  • Custom Functions (Customer defined)


Enhanced System Features

  • IP, Device, Retail Store, Geolocation & Username Validation Mechanisms
  • Closed and Open system options (Virtual Private Network Access Only options)
  • Enhanced Internet Access Control options (Block / Filter Internet Access at Point of Sale).
  • Point of Sale Desktop PC and Mobile Application Supported.



Global Rules, Compliance, and Regulation Functions

  • Advanced User Transaction Analytics
  • Auto-suspend user transactions based on compliance risk levels
  • Compliance audit reporting
  • API to external risk databases


System Certifications

  • Software Certified for advanced Quality and Security Controls
  • Fortinet Certified for Advanced Security Threat Management
  • GeoTrust SSL Encryption certified
  • Data Center and Hosting SOC 2 Certified


System Support & Scalability

  • System Built for Flexibility and Scalability
  • System Supports 100,000+ TPS (Transactions Per Second)
  • 1+ Million Concurrent Locations / User Sessions


Secure End-to-End Architecture

  • Secure Communications – End to End encryption – SSL 2048 bit
  • Advanced Unified Threat Management Capabilities (i.e. Next Generation Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), encrypted SSL Inspection, DDoS, Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Client End point protection, Content Security, Web Filtering, DLP, & additional advanced threat detection services).
  • Central End-Point / Retail Location Security Management.
  • Advanced Logging and reporting
  • Application Aware Routing and Security
  • User ID Aware Security
  • Optional centralized Internet control via closed Virtual Private Network (VPN) architecture.


Application Level Security

  • Encrypted Database Architecture
  • Hourly backups and Live Data Replication (Real time).
  • Security Aware Application Development – Build to sustain attacks such as SQL injection.
  • User and Geo-location validation system access & application login.
  • Application resides behind highly advanced Unified Threat Management System in addition to application level security.


Resilient Server Infrastructure

  • The server infrastructure is built with high availability at all levels (Servers, UTM devices, Load balancers, routers, access providers, etc.)
  • Geographic redundancy and automated geographic failover.


Enhanced Application Features

  • Multiplatform Availability – Desktop App, IOS App, Android app, and any browser enabled devices.
  • Built for high performance
  • Built with High Availability
  • Custom Development available.


Additional Central Controls

  • End-Point Web filtering and Reporting – Limit Bandwidth and Internet Utilization at remote sites.
  • Business Intelligence – Application Administrative Control and Reporting
  • Operational Efficiencies – Software Defined Security Architecture / Central remote security policy deployment across all remote locations.